Phishing Notice

Clare Bank will never contact you through email asking for personal information. This is a common tactic known as phishing that identity thieves use to collect your personal information. If you have received such an email please contact us immediately.


An attack where a user pretends to be from a real organization to trick a person into giving out personal information is called phishing. The most common platform used for phishing is email. The victims receive an email that has a sense of urgency (ex. You won a prize. Click on the link within 24 hours to claim it.) and usually a link with either malware or sends you to a webpage where the attacker can get your personal information.

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Vishing is form of phishing where an attacker targets their victims through voice call. The term comes from a mixture of voice and phishing. The "ph" is replaced with "v". The calls try to get victims to give their personal information out. An example is when a victim gets a call about winning a trip but you need to provide them with personal information or account information to claim prize. The attacker may even leave a voicemail asking the victim to call back.

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Smishing is also a form of Phishing. This attack is in the form of text message or short Message services(SMS). Attackers use smishing as another method to try and get victims to give out personal information. Within a SMS or text message some attackers will have a link containing malware.

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American banks associate created a website that has more information on phishing along with their #BanksNeverAskThat campaign. Click below to take their quiz and see if you know how to spot a scam.

How to tell a phishing attempt:
  • Misspelled/Suspicious URL
  • Uses a public email such as Gmail
  • They will try to scare you.
  • They will create a sense of urgency (ex. Have to go to website or call back within 24 hours)
  • Spelling/grammar mistakes in message.
  • Asks for your personal information
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